Workshops TBA at Lovely In The Home in Peterborough for spring and summer 2015!
Intro to Letterpress at NH Institute of Art in Manchester, NH starts February 7, 2015! To sign up:



See below for dates and locations, and watch for more details and more workshops at Lovely In The Home Press in Peterborough, NH...




Crazy Crafty Nag Hammadi!
May 16, 2015, 10-5, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Center for the Book)

Using a simple long-stitch binding typically hidden underneath the case of a book, and a simple one-section binding, we will create wild sculptural books by sewing up pages made of crumpled prints that have been smoothed out. Students will learn two simple binding techniques, and learn how to create texture and form by manipulating your text papers. Additionally, we’ll combine materials by using over-sewn canvas and laminated paste
papers for our covers, furthering the experimentation with material, all the while discussing ways to incorporate text and image into these structures.


Philly: $75/members $95/non-members, $15 materials fee. To register: www.philadelphiacenterforthebook.org





ONE SHEET WONDERS! Instant Letterpress Books with Pilar Nadal and Erin Sweeney
at Pickwick Community Press in Portland, Maine


Learn a myriad of one sheet folded instant book structures and typesetting basics to create and trade a small edition of letterpress printed books. A variety of letterpress printing presses and techniques will be used. All levels welcome!


$130, all supplies included 

To register:




The Carousel Book
at Lovely In The Home Press, Peterborough, NH

The carousel book is another fabulous accordion-fold invention, using three strips of paper of varying lengths. The end result is a book with lots of space for lots of action. We'll do a quick nonsense-poetry activity to generate content for our books, then learn all of the folding, cutting, and sewing techniques to put our three layers together. Students will learn several basic techniques within this one structure that will provide the foundation for many other structures.


$90, includes all materials and use of tools

to register, contact me here!





10-5 each day
Lovely In The Home Press, Peterborough, NH



Is it my TENTH year? Holy Monadnock! Not sure, but I think so! Another fabulous week of book arts delights, including as many structures as we can fit in, the making of paste papers for your creations, and some simple text and image generating exercises to get your content ideas flowing!


For those of you who have taken it before, don't worry, I've got a bunch of new stuff up my sleeve, and for those of you who haven't taken it before, you will not be disappointed! 


$475 includes all materials and use of my tools


If looking for accomodation for the week, please check out:









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