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  • Erin is looking forward to teaching at three amazing places this summer. Please visit the Workshops page to check out the course offerings at Paper & Book Intensive in Michigan; Wells Summer Book Arts Institute in New York; and Maine Media in Rockport, Maine

  • Erin is making baby steps in the studio, but is back knitting legwarmers and tracing shapes in sketchbooks that will be tiny color studies, or something, who knows? 

  • Erin's new studio space in Hancock, NH is a total mess but she continues to tidy and organize. Come back for more updates and hopefully an Open House or two coming soon!

  • The Art Table, which Erin started in April of 2020, is currently on hold. Erin hopes to restart the project in early 2024.  Because of this project, Erin was honored to be the 2021 recipient of the NH Art Educators' Association's Outstanding Service award.  She thanks everyone who has helped make the Art Table a resounding success! More information here:  At this date, over 3000 kits have been given away! Look for more news about this project soon! Please also check out The Art Table button on this site, and 

  • In July 2019, Erin was thrilled to receive a Ruth and James Ewing Award for Excellence in the Arts in the 3D category. The whole experience was incredible, and Erin is hugely grateful. Read more here:  and in 2020 she was honored to be a juror for the 2020 Ewing Awards:

  • Another collective that Erin is a part of has a new website! The CMYKings is lovingly tended by Amanda D'Amico, our fearless leader. She put together this excellent new site, so check it out!

  • ​Erin’s work can be seen in three publications: 500 Artists' Books, Volume Two, by Lark Books, 1,000 Artists’ Books by Sandra Salamony and Peter and Donna Thomas and Thread Loves Paper by Emily Marks.

  • Erin continues to be a member of the NH State Council on the Arts’ Juried Artist Roster. She is available for workshops and residencies here.

  • Instagram here!

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