Workshops at Maine Media Workshops and Sierra Nevada University and TBA at Lovely in the Home Press's new locale!

See below for dates and locations, and watch for more details and more workshops at Lovely In The Home Press in Peterborough, NH.


Letterpress and Book Arts with JustAJar and Erin Sweeney!

Saturday and Sunday, February 29 and March 1 at JustAJar Design Press in Marietta, Ohio
1-5 pm each day

On Saturday, 1-5 PM, we will have a small collaborative letterpress workshop. As a group, we will create experimental prints that we will then use as the decorative paper for the book workshop. You will learn how to set type and ornaments, print, and utilize experimental inking techniques.
Note... the Letterpress Workshop is only being offered as part of the 2-day workshop and is limited to 6 people.

On Sunday, 1-5 PM, we will make both a sewn book and a folded book: we will use a binding called Sewn Chains by Keith Smith--a deceptively simple way to bind together a quick one-section book, or use it repetitively to create a multi-section book. Additionally, we will learn how to modify an accordion binding into the fabulous Crown binding by Hedi Kyle. This structure allows you to put varying content in your book without adhesive--playing with narrative and sequencing, image and text. We'll make the spines for this book out of Tyvek, and you'll be introduced to the magic of this material!
Note... You can sign up for the 1-day book workshop independently or sign up for the 2-day workshop

We will be using the prints we make on Saturday for the covers for both of these structures. Don't worry if you're not able to make it Saturday, we will make extras!

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Book Arts: Erin Sweeney
Frameworks: Exploring Sculpture and Books/Narrative and Storytelling in 3D
Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME
July 5-11, 2020

Utilizing several sculptural techniques and materials (wire, rattan, fabric) we will combine sculptural structures with book structures. Thinking three-dimensionally, we will explore concepts and narrative in new ways. Expecting new responses from our viewers, we will discuss how these structures can be viewed, handled, shared. Additionally, we will push the concept of the folded book structure into our 3D explorations and see what happens when these things collide!

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Book Arts: Erin Sweeney
Book Arts Intensive
July 20-24, 2020
Sierra Nevada University, Incline Village, NV

This book arts intensive will focus on both folded and sewn structures. Students will learn multiple book structures—such as the Dos-a-Dos and the one-needle Coptic binding—and then will combine these techniques to get something entirely new: a Coptic bound Dos-a-Dos that just keeps on going! We will learn the Hinged Box Book structure, and morph it into something more three dimensional, utilizing multiple materials, and we will also experiment with multiple folded structures.


We will discover how to use the structures as building blocks for other work, be it participatory or collaborative, sculptural, or simply to be held in the viewer’s hands.

Additionally, we will utilize simple printmaking techniques and writing prompts to generate content for our structures, allowing us to house image and text in new and potentially surprising ways, with an emphasis on fun and experimentation.

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or to register: https://www.sierranevada.edu/academics/summer-art-workshops-2/registration/